About Alissa Gifts

In 2008, Alissa Gift was established in Sydney to provide fashion jewellery like bracelet, necklace, ring and earring etc. With the vogue design, quality material and competitive price we have quickly acquired market awareness. After 5 years of building the Alissa(R) brand, we have been acknowledged by the market with image of the great value.

We have actively carried about 500 products with 50% update with new products annually. We have become a reliable source of fashion jewellery to varieties of retailers to sell our products easily with attractive profit, like fashion jeweler, gift shop, pharmacy, newsagency, coffee shop and fashion store etc.

Our philosophy is to provide unsurpassed value to our retailer and end users to find the right products to share the beauty. We will continue to improve our products and services with trendy design, uncompromised quality, authentic material and competitive price to ensure the great value to our retailers.